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Features of ZF Powershift Transmission WG20
Features of ZF Powershift Transmission WG200

ZF WG powershift transmission offers everything technically possible to make wheel loader application more efficient,effective and safe. Through modular design,WG transmission can be tailored to exact technical needs.Depending on application and maximum speed,there is a choice for 3 or 4 forward and reverse gears.Since wheel loader work 30% of the time in reverse,closed gear stepping in forwards and reverse are particularly important for efficiency and service life.

4WG200 transmission can be supplied with semi or fully automatic shift control system.The operator is relieved of routine manual gearshifts the transmission gears being engaged automatically increasing transmission efficiency and service life especially during reversing operation. Pressure cut-off system can switch full englie power to shovel for improved working characteristics particular for wheel loader application.1 or 2 engine dependent PTOs are capable of using full engine power,output flanges for various shafts, parking brakes,axle disconnection and speedometer drive connection are also available.

For ZF range select DW-3,which has 2control direction “Forward-Neutral-Reverse” by pull(or push)the shift lever;and defferent gears can be set by turning the shifting lever.Thers is gears lock for neutral position.

Kick-down Function(only available at 1st and 2nd gears)on ZF range selector offer an easy and comfortable operation system for wheel loader drivers,during the operation.

Engine power max..: 200kw
Engine speed max..: 2,800rpm
Turbine output torque max. 1,500Nm
Toque converter F &Sφ
340mm Stall torque ratio Standard 2.55
  Option 1.5-3.2
Engine connection:  
Direct mounted Via SAE2#
Separate mounted Mech 6c/DIN 150Flange
Transmission ratio: Standard 555mm
Option 500mm
Transmission ratio:  
4WG200 Standard: 1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear 4th gear      
  Forward 4.278 2.368 1.126 0.648      
  Reverse 4.278 2.368 1.126        
  Forward 4.576 2.533 1.238 0.713      
  Reverse 4.576 2.533 1.238        
6WG200 Standard: 1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear 4th gear 5th gear 6th gear  
  Forward 5.991 3.447 2.596 1.494 1.179 0.678  
  Reverse 5.991 2.596 1.179        
  Forward 5.378 3.099 2.596 1.494 1.179 0.678  
  Reverse 5.378 2.596 1.179        
Output flange: Standard: DIN180/DIN 150/Mech 7C
  Option Mech8.5C
Parking brake With Drum/disc brake spring pre-loaded
  Or without  
Engine dependent PTO Torque max: 700Nm
PT01: Standard: SAE C2/4Hole 12/24DP Z=14
  Option SAE B2/4Hole 16/32DP Z=13
PT02: Standard: SAE C2/4Hole 12/24DP Z=14
  Option SAE B2/4Hole 16/32DP Z=13
Control system: Electrial&hydraulic control system
Semi-automatic version EST-17/T
Fully-automatic version EST-25
Range selector Standard:DW-3/ERGO-2
Speedometer drive: Electronic
Emergency pump: Option:16ml/rev.or 32ml/rev.
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